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At some point, everyone prefers the comforts of home. However, being at home managing a terminal disease in an advanced state can make people feel alone and nervous. Feelings of being overwhelmed, in the dark, or unsupported do not have to be part of this experience. Home Now Healthcare is founded by people who understand the hospice experience. We will help.

How Our Hospice Services Help

Home Now Healthcare's hospice program sends caring professionals to the homes of patients experiencing terminal diseases in an advanced state. With this focus, we can offer highly experienced and effective care. Our objective is to ensure comfort, dignity, confidence, and peace for our patients and their families during this important time of life. Services include:

When to Choose Hospice

Medicare pays for hospice while patients are facing a terminal disease in advanced state, and while patients are not receiving treatments intended to be curative. Therefore, patients enroll in hospice after all curative treatments have been used. Additionally, patients may choose hospice when their goals have shifted toward comfort and dignity. Anyone may refer themselves or a loved-one to hospice services. Patients may discontinue hospice services at any time should the goals of care change.

If you or someone you care for has a chronic condition leading to recurring hospitalizations or other medical care, now may be the time for a no-cost appointment to sit down with a hospice professional to learn more. Let’s discuss services in more detail and specific to your situation. We can also talk about your personal decision as to what point in the future would be the right time to start hospice care. You can schedule your appointment at your home, our office, your doctor’s office, the hospital, etc. – day or evening.

Medicare Pays 100% for a Comprehensive Program

Home Now Healthcare accepts your Medicare hospice benefit as 100% payment. With Home Now, qualified hospice patients have no copays, no deductibles, and no cost-sharing of any kind. Our comprehensive program pays for the following aspects of care that are related to the hospice diagnosis:

Our Multi-specialty Hospice Team

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